Did you know? Basketball was invented as an indoor winter sport by the YMCA!

We honor a tradition that stretches back over 130 years with annual Winter Leagues that promote healthy competition over rivalry and prove the value of participation over winning. The Y pairs team-building with individual development, positive self-image, and a sense of fair play.

Two teams of five young girl basketball players are lined up in the center of an indoor court. The walls are off-white brick with windows that suggest the building was built in the early 1900s or earlier. The teams are approaching each other with outsteched arms to shake hands at the start of a match as their families sit along the wall to observe the game and a referee in black and white stripes supervises.

During the week, teams are given YMCA gym space for practice at designated times on Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday (to be assigned as teams form). Teams then face off during games every Saturday from January 20 to March 9.

  • Boys League: 1st-8th grades
  • Girls League: 1st-5th grades
  • Player Fee: $70

Registration is open November 1st through December 29th. There are two steps to register and BOTH steps are required before a spot is secured.

STEP 1: Select a League for your child via Daxko.

Select a League

STEP 2: Submit a player registration form at the Y or to Sports Director Heber:

Registration Form

Volunteer coaches needed! Be more than just a sideline cheerleader for your child. Contact us to learn more about the time requirements of coaching.

School-aged boys play basketball on an indoor court. Teams are designated with purple or orange shirts. An orange player on the left is tossing the basketball to a player out of frame as the nearest purple player with outstreched hands misses an attempt to block.