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Goju Ryu Karate is designed for self-defense and is excellent for self-discipline. It retains many of the circular movements and artistic beauty of Chinese Kung Fu. Students are tested at the end of each session to be promoted or held at their appropriate rank. Ask about the next sessions!

BEGINNER (White-Yellow Belt 1 Stripe)

INTERMEDIATE (Yellow-Green Belt 2 Stripes)

ADVANCED (Green-Black Belt 3 Stripes)



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Rock Climbing

Pebbles: This class teaches the fundamentals of rock climbing while also building confidence. Children will gain balance, body awareness and strength. Ages 4-6. 

Pitons: Teaches all the beginning skills necessary to earn a YMCA climbing wall card and participants will be able to take our climbing proficiency test the last class.


Open Climbing

Bouldering is open to all members ages 4 and up. Kids 6 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Top rope climbing requires a climbing card. Please call for current dates and hours of rock wall access: 509.525.8863