My Y Story
Whether you come to the Y to work, play or give, whether you are 5 or 95, we want to know what the Y means to you.

“The Walla Walla YMCA has offered my family a nurturing environment to develop and experience activities and programs that promote healthy living. Whether it has been parent-child swimming, Rookie T-Ball, Rookie Basketball, Gym & Swim or youth swimming lessons, the coaches and instructors have focused on developing the whole child. Respect, teamwork and responsibility are just a few of the values my sons are encouraged to develop while participating at the YMCA of Walla Walla. As a family we spend many evenings together at the Y just having fun and playing together. Thank you for making a difference in our family and the community!”
-Angela Bona, Walla Walla YMCA Member


“I first came to exercise at the Y while doing PT through SMMC. I was intimidated by the weight room when my therapist graduated me from water therapy but I soon came to love the variety of exercises I could do to increase my strength and flexibility as well as my stamina. I could work at my own pace, not intimidated by what some young fellow at the station next to me was doing. In fact, I was motivated to try harder as I observed people of all ages and physical abilities working away to the best of their ability. To have a facility of this caliber in our community is amazing! You have made my membership very affordable for me and I truly appreciate the opportunity to improve my health. I just need to remind myself often how valuable the Y is and come in as frequently as possible. THANK YOU!!”
-Barbara Weitemier, Walla Walla YMCA Member


“Well the Y gives me time away from stuff I don’t need to do. But that’s not a downer thought. My favorite thing is going to the action zone & going swimming. The Y means more physical stuff which I like. I love the Y!”
-Jazmyn Paul, Walla Walla YMCA Member


“The YMCA is more than a place to come and workout. The Y represents a home away from home. A place where children learn and grow, where friendships are rekindled and new ones are made. Thank you Walla Walla YMCA.”
-Marcus Goodwater, Walla Walla YMCA Member


I love being at the Y because I enjoy working out! I love taking care of my body and keeping in good health. The Y provides everything I need and the staff are wonderful people – very polite and helpful. Good place to be!”
-Dianna Ness, Walla Walla YMCA Member


“The YMCA is an amazing place to participate in your own health and fitness goals whether you do it by yourself, with friends or participate in one of several classes that are offered. I have been going to the Y for nearly two years and have seen a big improvement in my health and fitness. I have asked for help in setting goals and have always been greeted with a smile and a helping hand. The Y staff is very encouraging and wants to see you succeed. The Y is the best and I’m glad that I’m a member.”
-Dan Counts, Walla Walla YMCA Member


“What the YMCA means to me…It could be as simple as 3 words: Family, Friends, Fitness. Yet, honestly, it is so much more than that.  The Y is the one positive aspect in my life since I lost my job 3 years ago.  I moved to WW in 1990 pursuing a career in teaching and coaching.  In August 2009, during the peak of our country’s current economic downturn, I got laid off.  I had a wonderful career teaching and coaching for 30 years.  Losing my career was devastating.  I could have very easily fallen into a state of depression having applied for over 830 jobs without a single offer to come from my efforts.  However, there was a “silver lining” to my situation.  Not being committed to a job I was able to spend the last few months with my Dad who was diagnosed with cancer in December 2009 and passed away 3 months later.  Being able to be there for Dad and Mom during that difficult time was a blessing and time I would not trade for anything.  I spent months with my mother helping her through the adjustment to life without Dad; and last year moved her from NY to SD to be close to her one and only grandchild!
The Y has been the bright light each and every day as I continue to search for that illusive job.  The positive energy that exists at the Y helps me forget (at least for the few hours a day) that I am living this economic crisis our country is experiencing.  When I am at the Y I am surrounded by an environment that is positive, energetic and makes me feel useful and needed.  The Y is a place where I have been given a purpose…to share ideas, knowledge, laughs and life with!  The Y is my connection to the WW community.  And the Y staff, well, they have become my extended family.  The hours I spend at the Y are my social hours; time with friends; people with a common bond in fitness and health.  The Y is a place where everyone greets you with a smile and reinforces the thought that “life’s good”.  What a wonderful stress reliever!  I am grateful to all at the Y who have helped me through this life adventure.  My time at the Y has become even more important over the past three years as it has become a place that allows me to work on my physical and emotional well-being.”
-Tom Olsen, Walla Walla YMCA Member


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