Learn the skills needed to be successful in shooting while improving self-esteem. Qualify for the next levels by completing specific skills.

Intermediate Archery:
Archers will learn more in-depth skills about the factors of firing. They will learn to fire from greater distances, to factor in the arch of the arrow, the distance of the target and how to counter wind conditions.

Advanced Archery:
Archers will fix and hone all their skills at the Blue Mountain Archery Range.

Grow your skills and confidence with basketball through fundamental drills, and competitive games.


Pebbles Climbing: (Introductory)
Build confidence while learning the basics of rock climbing, balance, and body awareness.

Rocks Climbing: (Intermediate)
Progress to the next level of rock climbing and learn how to master different knots and different holds on rocks. Fine tune your skills and try Lead Climbing towards the end of summer during Week 10 of camp.

Lead Climbing:
Test your skills and strength in this challenging class. Learn different routes, clips, and levels of intensity.
*Prerequisite: Rocks Climbing.


Beginner Volleyball:
For beginner volleyball players. Players will learn and play in a fun and energetic atmosphere covering the basics of volleyball with team building drills and games.

This class stresses the fundamentals of baseball and fun for your child. Children learn through different stations such as: hitting, catching, throwing, base running, and more.

Multi-Sport Camp:
It’s a smorgasbord of sports! Have fun playing basketball, T-ball, volleyball and more! Join YMCA coaches to learn new skills in a variety of games. There’s no time to get bored in this class -it’s a game changer!

Jr. Great Lego Adventure Club:
Students work together as a small team of young engineers to build Lego robots. The design is based on their group’s blueprint. This class is great for children who are hands-on and like working together in teams.

Minecraft Builder:
Students will get a chance to work as a group to build their own Minecraft world. Each class will present the builders with a challenge they must solve together in their group. All students will be able to use Minecraft at the Y but if they want to continue their adventure at home, they will need to purchase their own Minecraft account.

Minecraft at the Y; but, if they want to continue their adventure at home, they will need to purchase their own Minecraft account.

Advanced Minecraft:
Move into the more advanced aspects of Minecraft by exploring: mega builds, dynamic planning, red-stone mechanics and a touch of mods. *Prerequisite for this class is Minecraft Builder.