Personal Training


Workout with a certified personal trainer and develop a specific program for your health and wellness goals. Benefits include expanding your fitness potential, redesigning your regular workout program, discovering new and effective exercises per your fitness goals, and designing a safe program for an injury or illness.
Contact: Josh Klingenberg,,, 509-525-8863
Ages: 14+
Dates: Ongoing
Times: Schedule at the Wellness Center

Fee per hour
Program Participant$75


Fee: 3-Month Commitments (Available for Members Only)
1 hour per month$48
2 hour per month$95
3 hour per month$135
4 hour per month$176
8 hour per month$340
12 hour per month$510


Fee: 6-Month Commitments (Available for Members Only)
1 hour per month$46
2 hour per month$90
3 hour per month$132
4 hour per month$170
8 hour per month$332


JUMPSTART: An Introduction to Personal Training

Stuck in a workout rut? Recovering from an injury? Want more education on exercise or living an active
lifestyle? Our Jumpstart program is your chance to have all of your exercise questions answered by a
certified personal trainer. During your consultation you will develop goals and perform a Functional
Movement Screen (FMS). A personalized workout, tailored to your goals and movement needs, will be
taught during your three, 1-hour, personal training sessions, so you can become an independent exerciser.
** Three 1-hour session must be completed within 15 days of purchase.
**Limited to 1 Jumpstart per year for each Member or Program Participant.
Contact: Josh Klingenberg,, 509-525-8863
Location: Wellness Center
Ages: 14+
Times: Schedule at Wellness Center
Member Fee: $99
Program Fee: $149

BURN AND LEARN: Train for Power

Do you suffer from low back pain? Do your knees and hips hurt after a workout or after a hard day at work?

Athletes, weekend warriors and aging adults can all benefit from training for power. The use of
plyometrics and medicine balls are a great way to develop your power. But how do you know what will be correct for you? Everyone from beginner to advanced is invited to learn which exercise protocols they should be performing to train for power based on their movement capacity. Our team of personal trainers will ensure that each participant will be able to take home knowledge and confidence in their abilities to move and perform.
Contact: Josh Klingenberg,, 509-525-8863
Ages: 14+
Location: 3rd Gym
Dates: 7/21
Time: 8:30 – 10 AM
Fee: Included with membership