Aqua Camps

Our weekly aqua camps are all about water!
These camps are for kids ages 8-12 who are able to swim at a level 3 or above. The only exception is our Junior Lifeguard Camp which is for ages 11-14 and needs strong swimmers.These camps are a fun way to stay active, learn, and play in the water.
Location: Main Pool and YMCA
Ages: 8-12 (except Jr. Lifeguard which is 11-14)
Days & Times: M-F, 11 AM -1 PM

Family Plus$60
Youth Individual$65
Program Participant$86


6/25 – 6/29: Mermaid/Merman Camp
Bring your Mermaid tails, mono-fins, mermaid costumes and learn mermaiding skills. Don’t have fins? Use some of ours! Participants will learn finning techniques, tricks and tips to swimming safely as a merperson, play games, retrieve objects, mermaid crafts and more.

7/2 – 7/6 (*no class 7/4): Snorkeling
Let us help you get ready for that big vacation! Bring your mask and snorkel and we’ll help you learn to use it properly, how to clear water, dive, retrieve objects and clear the snorkel. We have fins to use if you need them. We also have limited masks, but ask everyone to bring their own snorkel. Activities will include: learning to use a snorkel properly, swimming with fins and snorkel, spotting and retrieving objects, safety skills, water games and a water obstacle course.

7/9 – 7/13: JUNIOR LIFEGUARD COURSE (ages 11-14)
Learn water safety skills, and what it’ll take to be the next generation of lifeguards! Kids in this class should be strong swimmers and comfortable in water over their head. Learn to assist a person who is struggling in the water. Learn how to assist lifeguards in their daily duties. What will it take to be a
lifeguard? Students will have the option of staying after class and assisting our lifeguards during open swims (under supervision of instructor).
This course prepares kids to take the full lifeguard course when they turn 15.

Campers will enjoy playing a variety of games in the water, including: water polo, water volleyball, treasure hunts, races and relays, mermaid swimming and much more. Lots of fun!

7/23 – 7/27: WATER POLO BASICS
Campers will learn the basics of water polo including treading water using only legs, ball handling skills, passing, throwing and scoring goals.

7/30 – 8/3: AQUA FIT KIDS CAMP!
Campers will have a blast this week with so many activities packed into one week!
Water dance classes, intro to synchronized swimming, intro to competitive swimming, relays, mermaid swimming, water games and much more.

8/6 – 8/10: AQUA FIT KIDS CAMP 2!
Campers will continue to work on skills learned the previous week! Ok for new campers too! Water dance classes, create a synchronized swimming routine, water volleyball, water polo, mermaiding and more.

Campers will enjoy playing a variety of games in the water, including , water polo, water volleyball, treasure hunts, races and relays, mermaid swimming and much more. Lots of fun!

Registration Deadlines:
Mermaid Camp: Registration closes 6/21
Snorkeling Camp: Registration closes 6/28
Junior Lifeguard Camp: Registration closes 7/5
Water Games and Activities: Registration closes 7/12
Water Polo Basics: Registration closes 7/19
Aqua Fit Kids Camp: Registration closes 7/26
Aqua Fit Kids Camp 2: Registration closes 8/2
Water Games and Activities: Registration closes 8/9

We’ll have a couple mermaids visit on these days!
Come get in the water and swim with a mermaid. Get your picture taken and make mermaid art! Come in your mermaid costume if you have one, though it may get wet!
Swimming skills are not required as our staff will assist each child as they visit with the mermaids. Our staff will also help each child with a take-home art project!
Contact: Erika Miller,, 509-525-8863
Location:Main Pool
Ages: 3-7 years.
Days: Saturday, 6/30, 12 – 2 PM
Sunday, 7/1, 12 – 2 PM
Saturday, 7/14, 12 – 2 PM
Saturday, 8/4, 12 – 2 PM
Sunday, 8/12, 12 – 2 PM

$15 includes art supplies



SessionAll classes meet Monday – Thursday for 2 weeksRegistration OpensRegistration Closes
* Summer 17/2 – 7/12 (no class 7/4)6/86/28
Summer 27/16 – 7/266/297/12
Summer 37/30 – 8/97/137/26
Summer 48/13 – 8/237/278/6
Summer Saturdays 1
*1-hour lessons
7/7 – 7/286/86/28
Summer Saturdays 2
*1-hour lessons
8/4 – 8/257/137/26
Family Plus$45
Youth Individual$50
Program Participant$70

* Summer 1 Session, (no class July 4-price adjustment)